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Hindmarsh Studios > Folk Art Jointed Mohair Elephant & Jumpsuit

#108 Folk Art Jointed Mohair Elephant & Jumpsuit


This is a complete and comprehensive tutorial to make a 12” Folk Art Jointed Elephant and Jumpsuit. It consists of the full patterns with seam allowances included and 94 pages of instructions with color photos on each page. The tutorial takes you step by step through the entire process of making the elephant  and  jumpsuit from laying out the pattern, to cutting, pinning, sewing, stuffing and sculpturing the head.  Full size patterns with seam allowances are included. Explanations and color photos guide you through the entire process. This tutorial is for a mohair or fur elephant. Don’t like Mohair?  Make your elephant from muslin, Osnaburgh or plush fur. I can tell you that this elephant is a good seller at craft shows. I have kept the techniques simple so that even a beginner can easily make this adorable elephant and jumpsuit.  I will email you the pattern and all the instructions so you can begin the class immediately.



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